Trauer um Robin Sue Herrnfeld

Für alle plötzlich und unerwartet verstarb die langjährige Vertreterin Noël Martins in Deutschland, seine enge Weggefährtin und Freundin Robin Sue Herrnfeld, geb. Vandenberg , im Juli 2013 an den Folgen eines Unfalls.

Noël Martin hat in Gedenken an Robin Herrnfeld einige bewegende Erinnerungsworte verfasst.

Noël Martin’s Tribute to Robin Herrnfeld, July 2013

I would like to thank all the people who have been involved with the charity one way or another, those who have been kindly sending donations all the years, all the children who have taken part in the exchange programme to support tolerance for all people, to live together in one harmony. I thank them very much.

I now have one of the biggest problems in my life. A very close friend who has helped to run the charity and was there when the charity was founded has tragically died. I would kindly ask everybody to please pay their respects to this lady. I use the word ‘lady’ very strongly because that is what she was, her name is Robin Herrnfeld. I would like to start by paying my own tribute to her.

She was the first person in June 1996 to start helping me and my wife when I was left paralysed by the Neo-Nazis. When the British wouldn’t get me home or help my wife, she came forward. She is the reason why I am still alive today. She did everything that was humanly possible to help. She put her heart and soul into helping me write my book, helping to organize every trip to and from Germany. She helped me to come back and do a match to face my demons. She is the closest thing to an angel. She used to send me tapes with readings from books just to comfort me and give me strength.

When I think of this lady there will be the biggest empty space in my life and in a lot of other people’s lives. She has touched and helped so many people. I would like all these people to let her family know how much she was and still is appreciated. When I think of how I have strength and hope in my position it is because of Robin. I would like everybody to think of her in this special way.

Noël Martin, Birmingham, July 2013